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When is the Best Time to Refinance?

Homeowners all want to know when the best time to refinance is. In addition to timing the lowest interest rates, you will need to know how to refinance. Working with personal finances should not be treated like a trip to the casino or playing the lottery. The determination of when is the best time to refinance doesn’t require any luck. Instead, keeping an eye on the financial markets and interest rates are the keys to figuring out when to refinance. Not only will the total obligation toward the loan be lessened, but lower mortgage payments can be realized. For a family seeking to make other financial investments, this is a viable opportunity that can free up cash. The long term financial outlook of the household will be improved and the home will be mortgage free in a shorter time period.

Monitor the Current Mortgage Rates for Refinancing

The current terms of a home mortgage will have a major impact on finding out when is the best time to refinance. The crucial indicator will be when the market is offering lower refinance rates. Don’t automatically begin the process toward refinancing at the first sign of more favorable rates. Instead, you should refinance when you are saving at least $50 a month without increasing years onto your loan. This will result in the best value for the dollar. Refinancing too soon may impact the monthly obligation toward the house but will not provide longer term benefits.

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Keeping track of how much has already been paid and how much is still owed is also important in the consideration of when is the best time to refinance. Individuals that are willing to undergo a mortgage refinance procedure at the first time the opportunity presents itself may miss out on later savins. Better options of when to seriously consider making this move is when you need cash to fulfill other obligations. Another indicator is when rates drop enough to uncover monthly savings for you to meet these additional expenses. This will require careful monitoring of the rates that financial institutions are offering for the interested parties.

There are four key factors in determining the best time for refinancing. We recommend refinancing when the following factors are achieved:

  1. Saving Money Monthly
  2. Gaining Access to Cash that Creates an Opportunity for You
  3. Establishing Security by Converting an ARM to a Fixed Rate
  4. You Qualify for the Refinance Loan

The decision of when is the best time to refinance is not something that should be left to chance. Instead of reacting to the possibility of lowering monthly payments, take the needed time to recalculate the effects. While there may be an immediate need in getting cash out of the equity in a home, the main objective is locking into a lower interest rate. Not only will this help manage current financial obligations but it is useful in cutting off years of mortgage payments. With the house completely paid off, the extra funds can be used to possibility win the jackpot.