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Finding HARP Mortgage Lenders with Loans for Bad Credit Underwater Refinancing


The fact that over 70% of homeowners that are eligible for the Home Affordable Refinance Program have not completed a refinance with a HARP lender surprised me. With interest rates at 40-year lows you would think everyone would be fighting to get in line for this so-called “underwater mortgage” that encouraged refinancing into a great fixed rate regardless of the fact that your mortgage is larger than your house’s value. Do these people not know how truly unique the HARP mortgage is?

Qualifying for a HARP Mortgage with Bad Credit

Have these homeowners applied for the HARP loan only to be rejected because their credit scores are low? Have HARP mortgage lenders been turning away applicants because of late loan payments or low fico scores? Qualifying for a HARP loan with bad credit is not a “slam dunk.” Many homeowners that have underwater mortgages, also have poor fico scores. So while on one end, these homeowners may be eligible because of their lack of equity, most lenders will not approve applicants for a harp loan with bad credit if they have more than one lat mortgage payment in the last 24 months. Most HARP lenders are looking for borrowers with 660 ficos, but there are a few companies that approve HARP loans for bad credit. Companies like Home Loan Wholesale provide a list of HARP mortgage lenders that are state specific.




I have bad credit, I am 100% disabled veteran with numerous hospital bills on my credit report. I want to know if I qualify for HARP with bad credit. I would apply jointly with my spouse whose score is around 650 I am much lower I think.